Friday, June 15, 2012

The Girl Just Loves to Blog...

Hello there!

So, I've been toying with the idea of starting Behind the Pink Curtain for a while but a few little things held me back from hopping to it right away.

1. I already have pretty labor intensive blog that takes up a LOT of time over at The Kitchen Prep.
2. Life is quite busy at the moment.
3. Who in their right mind is going to care about what inspires me, what I'm currently painting, and who I'm painting it for?

But, I went against all doubts and pushed that taunting little "Create New Blog" button anyway.

I figured that if I don't have time to blog... I won't.
If I have other things going on... I'll do them instead.
And if no one cares to read it... they don't have to!

Nothing like "no pressure" to get you to pull the trigger. ;)

I can't tell you what will be showing up on Behind the Pink Curtain because that is yet to be determined by all the fabulous things out there that inspire me... some that I've yet to discover!... but I can tell you that you'll be getting a sneak peak into the inner workings of my little noggin with regards to my Etsy shop, Tickled Pink Crafts.

I'm super excited to have a place to share all these things and hope you'll come on over every now and again and share some of your current obsessions, too!

As always, feel free to pop over to my shop page on Etsy, or visit my Facebook page.

And to get your weekend started in a crafty frame of mind, here's a little summery eye candy for a series I'll be doing on Fridays called "Fabulous Friday Finds"...

Click the image to head to the product page!
Love, love, love this nautical bracelet from Little Jar of Hearts' shop!

(Have a Fabulous Friday Find you'd like to share from your shop, someone else's, or your arsenal of crafty projects? Message me on Tickled Pink's Facebook page and it could be featured!)

Stay crafty, my friends! ;)

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